Charles Leclerc F1 Model SF21 Formula Racing Series Ferrari 1/43 Diecast (2021) by Bburago

Experience the thrill of the Formula One World Championship 2021 with our premium diecast Ferrari SF21 model. Elevate your love for racing by adding this meticulously detailed 1/43 scale keepsake to your home today!


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Ferrari SF21 #16 Charles Leclerc Formula One F1 World Championship (2021) Scale Model

Fuel your passion for Formula One with our brand new 1/43 scale diecast car model, Ferrari SF21 #16. This stunning piece represents the amazing performance shown by Charles Leclerc and the Ferrari team during the 2021 World Championship. Add a piece of racing history to your collection with this intricately detailed model, complete with authentic touches from the iconic race track.

Impeccable Craftsmanship and Material Quality

Prepare to be amazed by the stunning detail and craftsmanship in this model. A blend of diecast metal and plastic parts goes into each model for longevity. Each aspect, from the interior to the exterior of the car and even the real rubber tires, has been given careful attention, creating a life-like look that’s as close to the real deal as possible.

Highlight of High-performing Driver, Charles Leclerc

In 2021, Charles Leclerc confidently claimed his eighth position in the World Drivers Championship. The young enthusiast from Monaco proved his mettle by fearlessly steering the Ferrari SF21 #16 to several remarkable finishes. Leclerc’s consistent performances made it clear that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the realm of Formula One.

Leclerc’s achievements truly shine when immortalized in our accurate 1/43 scale model. It’s a must-have collectible for any F1 enthusiast wanting a piece of this exciting racing journey.

The Resilient Ferrari Team

Representing the legendary Scuderia Ferrari, the SF21 #16 showcases the prowess and tenacity of a team that finished sixth in the Constructors Championship. Their dedication and shared passion are evident in this model, allowing you to share in the glory and express your unwavering support for the team.

Ferrari’s long-standing reputation for skill and innovation reverberates through their 2021 performance. Their resilience and collective drive for success are beautifully encapsulated within our diecast model car.

The Race That Tested It All- 2021 World Championship

The 2021 World Championship was a thrilling year for Formula One. The competition was fierce and every race stretching the capabilities of both drivers and their teams. Ferrari and Leclerc rose to the occasion time and time again, with the SF21 #16 making a significant mark in various races.

Leclerc’s performance in the SF21 #16 helped secure the sixth position for Ferrari in the World Championships. This achievement not just solidified his place in the racing world but also provided some unforgettable highlights for the Championship.

Given the thrilling history of 2021 Championship, owning the Ferrari SF21 #16 Charles Leclerc model car means owning a piece of the adrenaline and journeymanship that epitomized this racing season!

The Vital Extras

To guarantee your collectible car arrives in perfect condition, it comes secured in the manufacturer’s original unopened packaging. Your 1/43 scale model, measuring approximately L-5 inches is ideally suited to adorn your desk or take pride place on your display shelf.

Take the Checkered Flag

So, gear up and hit the accelerator! Our Ferrari SF21 #16 Charles Leclerc Formula One F1 World Championship (2021) diecast model car is waiting for you. Own a piece of racing history and share in the glory of the 2021 World Championship season. Get yours today!

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