Lotus-Honda 99T #11 Satoru Nakajima Formula One F1 Japanese Grand Prix (1987) 1/18 Model Car by Autoart

Discover the thrill of Formula One history through this meticulously detailed model car, representing the iconic car driven by Satoru Nakajima in 1987. Embrace this perfect piece of automotive masterpiece and relive the golden era of F1 racing – own it today!


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The Epic Lotus-Honda 99T #11 F1 Model Car

Blueprinted from the legendary 1987 Formula One season, the Lotus-Honda 99T #11 model car brings a piece of F1 history into your hands. Driven by the trailblazing Satoru Nakajima, this car was a beacon of innovation. Brought to life at a 1/18 scale, it is the perfect collector’s item.

Quality Materials that Craft a Masterpiece

The model mirrors the beauty of the actual car with its intricately designed composite body. It’s strikingly realistic, right from the removable clamshell body upper half, the real rubber tires, to the exquisitely detailed interior, the fixture is a true embodiment of the classic Lotus-Honda 99T #11.

Satoru Nakajima: A Legend Behind the Wheel

Satoru Nakajima, the man behind the wheel, left a substantial mark in F1 history. As the first Japanese driver to score points in Formula One, Nakajima’s presence made the car symbolic of Japan’s entry into the sport. His remarkable skills and determination were unforgettable especially during the 1987 season. Racing the iconic Lotus-Honda 99T #11, he displayed the true embodiment of grit and excellence in Formula One Racing.

Lotus Team: Makers of Racing History

The Lotus team carried an unmatched reputation in the sport, known for their bold intentions and innovative methods. Their distinctive black and gold livery was easily recognizable on the race track. Despite fierce competition in the 1987 season, driving the Lotus-Honda 99T #11 powered by a reliable Honda engine also spoke volumes of their commitment to performance.

The special event: The 1987 Japanese Grand Prix

The performance of the Lotus-Honda 99T #11 during the 1987 Japanese Grand Prix was nothing short of spectacular. Braving challenging weather conditions, the car’s advanced active suspension system showed off its capabilities by maintaining optimal balance and stability throughout the race. It was this race that highlighted the car’s superior maneuverability and versatility. The 1987 Grand Prix was indeed a testament to Nakajima’s exceptional skill and the 99T #11’s extraordinary performance.

The Remarkable Elements of the Lotus-Honda 99T #11 Model

This model is a masterpiece, complete with impressive details to mimic the actual Lotus-Honda 99T #11. Its compact size of approximately L-9, W-4, H-2.75 inches does not compromise the fun of owning this model. The meticulously designed exterior and complex interior are reminiscent of the car’s crowning glory during that exceptional season.

Capture this piece of F1 aura, celebrate the riveting innovation, and commend the pioneering spirit that defined the 1987 Formula One season. It’s a potent reminder of when the world of elite motorsport was taken over by new countries and evolving technology, forever changing the racing landscape. There is no better way to commemorate that golden era than by adding this model car to your collection. Own this exquisitely crafted Lotus-Honda 99T #11 model car today!

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