McLaren MCL36 #3 Daniel Ricciardo Formula One F1 Australia GP (2022) “Competition” Series 1/18 Diecast Model Car by Solido

Experience the thrill of Formula One with this detailed, 1/18 scale diecast model, expertly designed to replicate the iconic car driven by Daniel Ricciardo in the 2022 Australia GP. Don’t wait, treat yourself to a dose of high-octane excitement today!


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McLaren MCL36 #3 Daniel Ricciardo Formula One F1

Jump into the thrilling world of Formula One with this ultra-detailed, brand new McLaren MCL36 #3 car model. A perfect 1/18 scale diecast, it faithfully captures the dynamism and speed of Daniel Ricciardo’s ride at the legendary Australia GP 2022. It’s the ultimate addition to any “Competition” Series collection. Always one to stand out, this model is decked out in its unique racing livery, complete with real rubber tires and steerable wheels, just like the real deal!

The Materials Used to Make

Manufactured by the reputable Solido, this model beautifully combines diecast metal with some plastic parts. This impeccable craftsmanship results in a robust and detailed model that will last, letting you relive Ricciardo’s thrilling races time and time again. Even the interior and exterior detailing are exquisite, straight from the manufacturer’s unopened original packaging. With dimensions approximately L-12, W-4.375, H-2.75 inches, it’s a thrilling piece of motorsport history that fits comfortably in your display cabinet.

About Daniel Ricciardo

Always charismatic and full of high-octane energy, Daniel Ricciardo was a constant source of excitement in Formula One’s 2022 season. Not just for his personality but also for his exceptional driving abilities. Despite facing intense competition, Ricciardo showed his mettle, navigating the high-pressure world of F1 with skill and determination.

Let’s not forget his trailblazing performance at the celebrated Australia GP. Ricciardo rose above the rest, showcasing what it really means to be a top-tier F1 driver. He was relentless on the racetrack and held nothing back, securing a top position in the championship race.

The McLaren Team

The McLaren team did a fantastic job supporting Ricciardo throughout the 2022 season. Known for their meticulous preparation and strategical decision-making, they helped Daniel push boundaries on the world stage. McLaren’s technical crew and strategists were able to adjust and adapt to every situation, instincts honed by decades on the circuit.

It’s not surprising then, that the team performed incredibly well in the World Constructors’ Championship. Competing against world-class teams, they distinguished themselves by showcasing brilliant teamwork and a winning mindset.

Australian GP – 2022: A Race to Remember

The Australian GP 2022 was indeed a significant event in Ricciardo’s career. The race was a cavalcade of speed, strategy, and sheer talent, all of which Ricciardo had in spades. His steering, understanding of the track, and his rapport with his car were all on full display.

He carved his way through packs of competitors, heading straight for top positions. The energy, danger, and electrifying dynamism of the race were all encapsulated in this spectacular event. The McLaren MCL36 #3, driven by Ricciardo, proved to be a formidable contender, symbolizing excellence on the racetrack.

Ricciardo finished the race spectacularly, resulting in one of the most memorable moments of the season. Each lap in the Australia GP brought its own set of challenges, and Ricciardo met each one head-on, making this race iconic in F1 history.

Unique Features of the McLaren MCL36 Model

Despite not having any openings, the McLaren MCL36 model brings the unique features of the original car to life. From its sleek aesthetic to the detailed, intricate interior and exterior, it truly captures the essence of the legendary F1 car. The real rubber tires and steerable wheels make for a more engaging display, taking the model to another level of realism.

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Invite the thrill of Formula One into your home with the McLaren MCL36 #3 Daniel Ricciardo Formula One model car. For motorsport enthusiasts, diecast collectors, or anyone who appreciates meticulous craftsmanship, it’s a perfect choice. Experience the heady rush of F1 adrenaline whenever you want, right on your shelf. Order today, and add a bit of speed to your collection. You won’t be disappointed.

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