Skill 5 Model Kit McLaren MP4 2C “Formula One F1 World Championship” (1986) 1/12 Scale Model by Italeri

Experience the thrill of assembling the iconic McLaren MP4/2C from the 1986 F1 World Championship with this detailed 1:12 scale model kit by Italeri. Order today and bring a piece of racing history to life at your convenience.


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The McLaren MP4/2C “Formula One F1 World Championship” (1986) Scale Model

Looking for a lifelike rendition of one of the most successful Formula 1 racing cars in history? The McLaren MP4/2C, a Champion of the 1986 Formula One World, comes back to life as an impressive 1/12 scale model by Italeri. Crafted with skill, this model conjures images of high-speed chases and thrilling podium finishes.

Materials Expected of a Champion

Protected in its original, unopened manufacturer’s packaging, this model kit is brand new and ready to relive the racing glory for you. Inside the vintage style box, you’ll discover photo etched parts, real rubber tires, and a removable cowling, all designed to deliver a remarkable similarity to the real deal. The kit also features a detailed suspension, steerable wheels, and a highly detailed engine, bringing the legendary car to your fingertips.

Unlock History with Alain Prost & Keke Rosberg

The McLaren MP4/2C was graced by the extraordinary talent of drivers Alain Prost, the 1986 Champion, and Keke Rosberg. Prost reconfirmed his world champion status that year, proving that excellence does indeed repeat itself. In the thrilling world of F1 racing, the duo became symbols of unrivaled speed, tenacity, and skill.

With this model, you get to commemorate the athletic prowess of both drivers at the peak of their careers. With decals showcasing their championship numbers, you can choose to replicate Prost’s winning car or Rosberg’s competitive spirit.

McLaren: A Legacy of Victory

The McLaren team’s legacy is woven into the DNA of this model. Their impeccable engineering prowess catapulted McLaren to victory in numerous constructors’ and drivers’ world championships. The MP4/2, which embraced aerodynamic designs and complied with evolving regulations, is one significant achievement in their illustrious racing history.

The MP4/2C version only furthered their winning streak in 1986, amplifying reverence for the competent team that McLaren was. This model is a testament to their relentless pursuit of perfection.

The Unforgettable 1986 Season

The 1986 F1 World Championship season stood out for fond memories and unrivaled intensity. Prost went head-to-head with fierce competitors, notching up an impressive number of victories. The essence of this high-octane competition is now accessible to scale-model enthusiasts.

This model faithfully captures the MP4/2C car as it roared on the tracks in 1986, offering collectors a slice of F1 history. The TAG Porsche engine, aerodynamic design, and the accompanying performance it delivered dominate F1 anecdotes from that period.

The MP4/2C was instrumental in scripting the team’s victory story in the Constructors’ Championship. It is in this historical backdrop that this model car finds its relevance, importance, and beauty.

Relive the Action with the McLaren MP4/2C Model

Apart from the make, model, and athletes it represents, what makes this product a must-have is its supreme attention to detail. The removable cowling takes you closer to the engine’s intricacies, while the “chrome” trim detail, paintable with silver, adds to the model’s realism.

You’ll get a colorful decal artwork and a color instructions sheet to guide you through the assembly process. Its dimensions are approximately L-14.5 inches when fully assembled, perfect for your display case.

Whether you’re a scale model enthusiast or an F1 fan, this McLaren MP4/2C “Formula One F1 World Championship” 1986 model kit is the perfect addition to your collection. It’s time to create Formula 1 history right in your living room. Get yours today and embark on this exciting journey!

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