2024 F1 Car Launch Dates: Get Ready for the New Cars and Teams

An F1 car launch is a highly anticipated event where teams unveil their contenders for the upcoming season. These launches, such as the 2024 F1 model car launch, are not solely about displaying new designs and liveries, but they also provide a forum for unveiling technical advancements and strategic collaborations. In 2024, a notable trend is the emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency and power unit improvements, reflecting the ever-evolving F1 regulations aimed at enhancing competition and sustainability. Teams are also increasingly focusing on striking liveries and branding, aligning their racing ambitions with a strong visual identity.

F1 2024 Car Launch Dates

TeamDateLink to Models
Haas2 February 2024Haas F1 Models
Kick F1 (Sauber)5 February 2024Kick Stake F1 Models
Williams5 February 2024WIlliams F1 Models
Alpine7 February 2024Alpine F1 Models
RB (Previously AlphaTauri)8 February 2024RB Cash F1 Models
Aston Martin12 February 2024Aston Martin F1 Models
Ferrari13 February 2024Ferrari F1 Models
McLaren14 February 2024McLaren F1 Models
Mercedes14 February 2024Mercedes F1 Models
Red Bull15 February 2024Red Bull F1 Models

Kick Sauber (Stake F1 Kick Team C44)

Launch Event: Kick Sauber’s 2024 car launch in London was a spectacle, unveiling the C44, a harbinger for Audi’s takeover in 2026. This 2024 car launch was not just about the vehicle but also represented the team’s ambitious trajectory in F1.

Kick Technical Advancements: The C44 boasts significant technical improvements. For the 2024 car launch, emphasis has been placed on aerodynamics and the power unit, with the goal of boosting the car’s competitiveness on the grid. The team has meticulously honed these aspects ahead of the 2024 car launch, recognizing their importance for performance improvements.

Color and Branding for the 2024 F1 Season: The C44’s livery is a bold statement, featuring a striking design that stands out on the track. This new visual identity is part of a broader strategy to redefine the team’s image in the lead-up to Audi’s integration.

McLaren F1 Team

Launch Event: McLaren’s unveiling of their 2024 car was a key moment, showcasing a continuation of their commitment to excellence in F1. The 2024 car launch event was not just about the new car, but also mirrored McLaren’s enduring legacy in the sport.

Technical Advancements: The 2024 McLaren car, set to be unveiled on its specific launch date, incorporates significant advancements in both aerodynamics and the power unit. These changes are a result of extensive research and development, with the aim to improve on-track performance and reliability.

Color and Branding: McLaren’s new livery for 2024 is a blend of tradition and innovation. For the 2024 season, the team has managed to keep its iconic color scheme while introducing elements that give the car a fresh, modern look. This livery of the 2024 F1 car reflects McLaren’s ambition to remain at the forefront of F1 both in performance and style.

Williams F1 Model for 2024 is FW46

Launch Event: Williams’ livery reveal in New York was more than just an unveiling; it was a statement of intent. The 2024 F1 car launch event highlighted the team’s aspirations to climb back up the F1 ladder and recapture its former glory.

Technical Advancements: The FW46, expected to be unveiled on its 2024 car launch date, is predicted to bring several technical improvements, especially in aerodynamics and chassis development. These enhancements are crucial for Williams as they seek to build on their recent progress and move further up the grid.

Color and Branding: Announced to be showcased on the 2024 car launch date, the FW46’s evolved deep blue livery for the 2024 F1 car is a tribute to Williams’ rich racing past while heralding a new period under the leadership of team principal James Vowles. The partnership with Komatsu, a significant name from Williams’ past, joins the narrative of the 2024 car launch for the 2024 F1 season, blending historical success with future ambitions.

Haas F1 Model for 2024 is VF-24

Launch Event: Haas made a statement by being the first to unveil their 2024 car, the VF-24. The early reveal of the 2024 F1 car was indicative of the team’s eagerness to make an impact in the upcoming season.

Technical Advancements: The VF-24’s design includes substantial changes, particularly in aerodynamics, which are vital under the new regulations. Haas’s focus has been on optimizing these aspects to improve their competitive edge.

Color and Branding: The livery and branding of the 2024 F1 car, the VF-24, reflect Haas’s commitment to standing out on the grid. The team’s approach to the car’s visual design is as strategic as their technical development, aiming to create a distinct identity in the F1 paddock.

RB (previously AlphaTauri) F1 Model for 2024 is VCARB 01

Launch Event: The RB team, previously known as AlphaTauri, unveiled their 2024 challenger, the VCARB 01, with much fanfare in Las Vegas. This event marked a significant step for the team as they debuted a car that is 90% of what will appear in Bahrain for the pre-season tests, hinting at further changes to come, especially concerning the floor edges and possibly the sidepods.

Technical Advancements: The VCARB 01 features a notable change in its front suspension, transitioning from a pushrod to a pull-rod layout, a design taken from Red Bull which aligns with changes made by other teams such as Kick Sauber for their 2024 cars. This adjustment is expected to enhance the car’s aerodynamics and efficiency on the track. Additionally, modifications to the radiator inlet bodywork have been implemented to better manage airflow, crucial for maintaining downforce around the floor and sidepod areas.

Color and Branding: The team has chosen to rewind to their Toro Rosso days with a bold blue and red accent livery, aiming to build on an impressive end to the previous season and signaling a new chapter under the RB banner.

Alpine f1 Model for 2024 is called the A524

Launch Event: Alpine’s launch event showcased the A524, emphasizing the team’s innovative approach to the new season. While specific details of the event are incorporated based on Alpine’s known focus on aerodynamics and design, the A524’s unveiling was anticipated to reveal advancements and a strategic vision aligned with the team’s ambitions.

Technical Advancements: The A524 is expected to feature significant aerodynamic improvements and power unit advancements. Alpine has been known for their focus on integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance performance, with the A524 likely continuing this trend.

Color and Branding: Alpine’s livery is anticipated to continue featuring their signature blue, symbolizing the team’s heritage and identity in F1. The branding strategy for the A524 is expected to align with Alpine’s goals of innovation and competitiveness in the 2024 season.

In summary, the 2024 f1 Model car launches in Formula 1 are a comprehensive display of technical prowess, strategic vision, and brand identity. Each team, through its launch, sets the stage for its campaign in the highly competitive world of Formula 1 racing, with aerodynamic efficiency, power unit improvements, and striking visual identities being key themes across the board.

Who is Stake F1?

Stake F1 refers to a partnership or sponsorship deal within Formula 1, where Stake, an online betting and gaming company, has entered the F1 sphere. Such collaborations are common in Formula 1, with teams and the sport itself engaging with various corporate partners for mutual branding, marketing, and financial benefits. Details about the specifics of the Stake F1 partnership, including the team or entity it is directly involved with, would be detailed in official press releases and announcements from the involved parties.

What team is Sauber F1?

Sauber F1 Team has been a recognized name in Formula 1, known for its engineering prowess and participation in the sport over several decades. Initially an independent team, Sauber has undergone various partnerships and name changes, most notably with BMW and more recently with Alfa Romeo. The team’s identity within F1 has evolved, reflecting its current and past collaborations, yet it has consistently been involved in developing competitive cars and nurturing driving talent.

Who are the stakeholders in Formula 1?

The stakeholders in Formula 1 encompass a wide range of entities and individuals with vested interests in the sport’s operations, success, and direction. This includes the teams and their owners, drivers, the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) as the sport’s governing body, Formula 1 Management and Liberty Media (the commercial rights holder), sponsors, circuit owners, broadcasters, and the fans. Each plays a critical role in shaping the sport, from regulatory and commercial aspects to the global fanbase’s engagement and support.

Who did Stake F1 replace?

Stake F1 replaced Alfa Romeo as the title sponsor for Sauber F1. So it is not a new team just a new team name and brand name. The staff, the drivers, the team is basically the same just looking a little different for the 2024 season. 

Why did Alfa Romeo change to Stake?

If Alfa Romeo were to change a sponsorship to Stake, it would likely be a strategic decision driven by business and marketing objectives. Sponsorship deals in Formula 1 are based on achieving the greatest mutual benefit, with changes often reflecting new strategic directions, financial considerations, or marketing goals. Official announcements from the team would provide the rationale behind such a change, detailing the expectations and objectives from the new partnership.

Is Sauber now Alfa Romeo?

Sauber Motorsport partnered with Alfa Romeo, competing under the Alfa Romeo name in Formula 1. This partnership allowed the team to race as Alfa Romeo Racing, leveraging the branding and heritage of the iconic Italian car manufacturer. However, team ownership and operational control remained with Sauber, illustrating the collaborative nature of such partnerships in F1. It now now moved to Stake F1 as the title sponsor. 

Who is Sauber replacing in F1?

Sauber Motorsport has not replaced another team in Formula 1; rather, it has been a staple of the grid for many years, undergoing various partnerships and name changes throughout its history. The question of replacement might arise in the context of branding changes, such as when Sauber partnered with Alfa Romeo, but the team itself remains a constant entity in the sport.

Which person owns F1?

Formula 1 is owned by Liberty Media Corporation, a company that specializes in communications, media, and entertainment businesses. Liberty Media acquired the commercial rights to Formula 1 in 2017, overseeing the sport’s commercial operations, marketing, and global strategy. While Liberty Media is the entity that owns Formula 1, it operates under a broader governance structure involving the FIA and the participating teams.

Q: Will Mercedes be unveiling the W15 with a live launch or digital launch event?

A: Mercedes is expected to pull the covers off the new W15, but whether it will be a digital launch event or a live launch at Silverstone remains the hamilton-sized question.

Q: Is there a new look expected for Red Bull with the 2024 livery?

A: The rumour mill is certainly spinning! The Red Bull team may be planning to unveil a new look for 2024, but until we see that RB20 on the track, it’s all just speculation.

Q: Did Ferrari unveil any changes to their F1 car at the end of the 2023 season?

A: All eyes were on Ferrari during the 2023 season for a glimpse into what 2024 might hold. Drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc kept any modifications under wraps, stoking fan fervor for the upcoming launch.

Q: How is Aston Martin planning to make waves during the 2024 F1 launch?

A: Aston Martin is certainly set to cause a stir. The AMR24 is expected to light up the screen on 13 February 2024, fresh from its under-the-radar shakedown at Silverstone.

Q: Are there any new teams or principals joining the 2024 Formula 1 season?

A: Well, isn’t that the million-dollar question! There may be a new team principal prowling the pit, Ayao Komatsu, but the 2024 Formula 1 season will be an adrenaline-pumping mix of old favourites and new contenders.

Q: Is Alpine expected to show a completely new 2024 Formula 1 car or will it be similar to their 2023 car?

A: Alpine has been playing their cards close to their chest. While their 2023 performance was undeniably impressive, we’re all thirsty for a glimpse of that eagerly-awaited 2024 model.

Q: Do we know any of the staple slogans of these teams for 2024 F1 season launch?

A: Fasten your seatbelts, F1 fans, the 2024 Formula 1 season launch is set to be packed with racy slogans and rallying cries. But who’ll be the phrase that pays this year? It’s anyone’s guess!

Q: When is the 2024 F1 car launch season officially kicking off?

A: The 2024 F1 car launch season is tentatively set to kick-off on 12 February 2024.

### ###

Q: Can we expect Ferrari to debut their 2024 F1 car early in the launch season?

A: Yes, Ferrari, led by Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, is expected to be among the early crop of teams to launch their 2024 F1 car, with a live launch event that’s sure to bring a new look into the 2024 Formula 1 season.

### ###

Q: What are the projections for Mercedes’ 2024 F1 car?

A: Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton at the wheel, will unveil their 2024 F1 car, potentially named the W15, during the launch season. There are whispers of a new black livery. The world is eagerly awaiting the reveal.

### ###

Q: Can we expect anything new from Red Bull for the 2024 F1 Car launch?

A: Absolutely! Red Bull has been hinting at a refreshed car for 2024, rumored to be named the RB20, and is expected to carry out a shakedown at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix.

### ###

Q: When does Alpine plan to introduce their 2024 Formula 1 car to the world?

A: Although the official date hasn’t been confirmed, there are rumors that Alpine might be one of the first teams to launch their Formula 1 car for the 2024 season, presumably on or soon after February 12.

### ###

Q: Will Aston Martin make any significant changes for its 2024 Formula 1 car launch?

A: Aston Martin, who introduced their AMR24 car early in the 2023 Formula 1 Season, is said to be considering some significant changes for its 2024 Formula 1 car. They have a new Team Principal, Ayao Komatsu, formerly of Sauber Team, who might bring a different perspective to the car’s design and launch.

### ###

Q: Can we expect any surprises from Alphatauri during the 2024 F1 car launch season?

A: Alphatauri, which has already shown a strong performance in the 2023 season, is expected to launch their 2024 livery with a degree of fanfare, though specific details about the unveiling are still under wraps.

### ###

Q: How is the anticipation building for the 13 February 2024 Formula 1 season launch?

A: The anticipation as we approach 13 February 2024 is palpable. F1 fans worldwide are looking forward to the new teams, new sponsors, and the prospect of seeing fresh designs and innovations for the upcoming Formula 1 season.

### ###

Q: What could we expect from a new F1 team, like Aston, for the 2024 Formula 1 car launch?

A: New teams, including Aston, could bring surprises and a breath of fresh air to the 2024 F1 car launch. Rumors range from radical design changes to testing new technologies, promising a fascinating season ahead.

### ###

Q: Which team is expected to be the first team to launch their 2024 F1 car?

A: There’s a lot of speculation, but current vibes suggest Williams Racing might be the first team to launch their 2024 F1 car. Keep an eye on this space!

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