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Nico Rosberg's F1 History: 2006-2016

Nico Rosberg is a German racing driver who competed in Formula One from 2006 to 2016. During his career, he drove for Williams and Mercedes, winning the World Championship in 2016. Rosberg is remembered for his technical skills and his fierce competitiveness, as well as his intense rivalry with his teammate and fellow world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

2006-2009: Williams

Rosberg began his Formula One career with Williams in 2006, driving alongside Mark Webber. He quickly established himself as a talented driver, scoring his first podium finish in just his third race. Over the next few years, he continued to drive for Williams, earning two more podium finishes and finishing the 2008 season in 13th place.

2010-2016: Mercedes

In 2010, Rosberg made a move to Mercedes, where he would spend the rest of his career. He struggled in his first season with the team, but steadily improved over the next few years. In 2013, he won his first Grand Prix with Mercedes at the Monaco Grand Prix, and he continued to rack up wins and podium finishes in the following seasons. Rosberg's biggest accomplishment came in 2016, when he won the World Championship after a tense season-long battle with his teammate, Lewis Hamilton. He announced his retirement from Formula One just days after winning the championship, shocking the racing world.

Rosberg's Legacy

Rosberg is remembered as one of the most talented and competitive drivers of his generation. His technical skills and his fierce determination made him a force to be reckoned with on the track, and his intense rivalry with Hamilton captivated fans around the world. His decision to retire from Formula One at the peak of his career was unexpected, but it allowed him to leave the sport on his own terms and cement his place in Formula One history.

Records and Milestones

Rosberg holds a number of records and milestones in Formula One, including the following: He is the only son of a world champion (Keke Rosberg) to also win the World Championship. He is one of only two drivers to win a World Championship while driving for Mercedes, along with his teammate Lewis Hamilton. He is the first driver to win the World Championship with fewer wins than his teammate (Hamilton won 10 races to Rosberg's 9). Rosberg's impressive achievements on the track have earned him a place as one of the greatest drivers in the history of German motorsport.

Rosberg's Performance in the Drivers' Championship (2006-2016)

The table below shows Rosberg's performance in the Drivers' Championship from 2006 to 2016.
Year Team Name The Car Model Points Position
2006 Williams FW28 4 17th
2007 Williams FW29 20 9th
2008 WilliamsFW30 17 13th
2009 Williams FW31 34.5 7th
2010 Mercedes MGP W01 142 7th
2011 Mercedes MGP W02 89 7th
2012 Mercedes F1 W03 93 9th
2013 Mercedes F1 W04 171 6th
2014 Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid 317 2nd
2015 Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid 322 2nd
2016 Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid 385 1st
Rosberg's consistent performance throughout his career earned him the respect and admiration of fans and fellow drivers alike. His accomplishments on the track will be remembered for years to come, and his legacy in the sport of Formula One will continue to inspire future generations of drivers.
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