Alpine A523 Blue Edition “BWT” Formula One F1 “Presentation Version” (2023) “Competition” Series 1/18 Diecast Model Car by Solido

Experience the thrill of Formula One with this meticulously-crafted diecast model car. Don’t wait, enhance your display and relive the race with this superstar addition today!


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Experience the Thrill with the New Alpine A523 Blue Edition “BWT” Formula One F1 “Presentation Version”

Feel the excitement of Formula One racing with the luxury Alpine A523 Blue Edition “BWT” Formula One F1 “Presentation Version” 2023 “Competition” Series, an impressive diecast car model by Solido. With every inch meticulously crafted, this incredible model is the perfect addition to any collector’s lineup, or for anyone looking to experience the exhilarating world of Formula One.

Unmatched Craftsmanship and Materials

Crafted from high-quality diecast metal and mixed with durable plastic parts, this model is engineered to last. Its sturdiness is comparable to the real-life powerhouses that tear up the racetracks in the Formula One championships. The dimensions of this model approximately measure L-12, W-4.375, H-2.75 inches, creating an eye-catching display item for your home or office.

The car comes packaged in an original, unopened manufacturer’s box, further adding to its authenticity. The real rubber tires and steerable wheels give it a realistic feel, embodying the high-speed, adrenaline-filled essence of F1.

Detail-Oriented Design

The Alpine A523 Blue Edition detail and design are exceptional. Both the interior and exterior show the meticulous attention to detail Solido is renowned for, making it a visual treat. Worth noting, this model does not possess any openings, ensuring the sleek design remains intact.

Significance of the Team and Driver

Every model car has an exceptional backstory. The Alpine A523 Blue Edition “BWT” Formula One F1 “Presentation Version” is not only representative of the car but also the driver and the team. The driver’s skill and team’s strategy play a crucial role in a race, defining the season’s outcomes. The 2023 season was a testament to their contributions.

Representing the driver and where he stood in the World Drivers Championship that season, this model is a symbol of their achievements and their total commitment to the sport. And it’s not just the driver; the team played a significant role as well. Their position in the Constructor’s Championship that season is marked by their tactical decisions, technical expertise, and dedication.

The Unique Alpine A523 Blue Edition

This model is a tribute to the racing legacy, helping you relive the thrill of Formula One 2023 “Competition” Series. The attention to detail and design elements pay homage to the unforgettable team, driver and unforgettable races.

So don’t miss out, add this extraordinary diecast wonder to your collection today. Get your hands on the Alpine A523 Blue Edition “BWT” Formula One F1 “Presentation Version” 2023 “Competition” Series diecast model car by Solido, an outstanding work of craftsmanship. Your collection deserves this impressive addition! Ready, set, go!

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Alpine F1


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