Felipe Massa F1 Model – Ferrari 150 Italia (2011) by Hot Wheels – 1/18 Scale Diecast Car

Experience the thrill of the 2011 Formula One season with this eye-catching 1/18 scale diecast model, crafted with exceptional detail to flawlessly mimic the Ferrari 150 Italia. Don’t hold back – make this vibrant piece of racing history yours today!

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Ferrari 150 Italia F1 Model: A True Collector’s Item

Imagine the thrill of Formula One, right at your fingertips with the F1 Model of the Ferrari 150 Italia. Racing enthusiasts and fanatics of Felipe Massa’s iconic #6 design will love this 1/18 scale replica from Hot Wheels. Crafted with attention to detail, this piece mirrors the adrenaline-inducing beauty of the star car from the historic 2011 season.

Product Craftsmanship: Diecast Metal and Plastics

This model car pairs the durability of diecast metal with the lightweight flexibility of plastic. Encased in the manufacturer’s original packaging, it maintains its pristine condition, promising a lasting showcase of your automotive passion.

Felipe Massa: The Iconic Driver

Felipe Massa, sporting the #6 design, left a remarkable imprint in 2011. Showcasing agility and grit throughout the season, he clinched the sixth place in the world drivers championship. Owning this model offers a way to honor the impressive achievements of this courageous racer.

Leaving an enduring legacy in Formula One, Massa’s athleticism and skill perfectly contrasted with the Ferrari 150 Italia’s speed and power. This collectible serves as a memorable tribute to his incredible journey through the season.

Ferrari: A Legacy in Racing

Ferrari, the titan of the tracks, made a formidable show in 2011. The team’s resolve was rewarded with the second place in the constructors championship. This model is a celebration of their prowess and a testament to their status in the legendary races of Formula One.

The Ferrari team’s imposing fleet, led by the Ferrari 150 Italia, dominated the 2011 championships. This diecast model carries forward their rich legacy of speed, endurance, and a never-die spirit that remains unmatched in the world of racing.

F1 2011 Season: An Unforgettable Chapter

The 2011 Formula One season was a pivotal year for the sport. The hard-fought races and the electrifying rush of excitement echo in the Ferrari 150 Italia’s design. This model car provides a tangible connection to that exhilarating time, allowing you to relive the fierce competition and extensive victories.

Host to thrilling duels and strategic play-outs, the 2011 season saw the Ferrari team give their best performance. With a string of incredible performances, they secured an outstanding second place in the championship. You can now hold a slice of this action-packed history.

The Ferrari 150 Italia is not only a symbol of racing superiority; it encapsulates the riveting journey of the 2011 season itself. Capturing its timeless spirit, this model car is a constant reminder of how passion and thrill take center stage in the world of racing.

An Exceptional Collectible: More than a Model Car

The Ferrari 150 Italia F1 Model is more than just a collectible. It comes complete with real rubber tires, an intricately detailed interior and exterior, and dimensions approximating L-10.5, W-4.5, H-2.75 inches. This piece is sure to leave any racing enthusiast or collector in awe.

Feel the roar of the racetracks with this beautifully rendered 1/18 scale model of the Ferrari 150 Italia. Now’s the time to add this gem to your collection. Experience the unmatched thrill and excitement of the 2011 Formula One season race, round-after-round, right from your home. Order yours today!

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 7 in

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Felipe Massa








  1. Jeff

    Good looking car. It looks good in my collection of Ferraris

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