Carlos Sainz F1 Model “Ferrari Racing” 2022 Diecast Car by Bburago – 1/43 Scale

Flaunt your love for Formula One with this stunning die-cast replica of the 2022 Ferrari F1-75 race car, driven by none other than Carlos Sainz. Designed by Bburago in a 1/43 scale, it’s time to make it the newest addition to your selection of unique collectibles.

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Ferrari F1 Model: Homage to Carlos Sainz and Ferrari Team Success

New in town is a spectacular addition to our collection – the 1/43 scale Ferrari F1 Model, an exact replica of the remarkable Ferrari F1-75 race car. Handcrafted by Bburago, it’s the perfect token of your affection for pulse-racing Formula One and the legendary Ferrari team.

Made With Utmost Precision

Decked out with real rubber tires, the Ferrari F1 Model prides itself on its detailed interior and exterior. Made from high-grade diecast materials with an incorporation of some plastic parts, this model promises durability over the years. Sized at roughly 5 inches, it’s an ideal fit for any display case or shelf.

Packaging may differ as the manufacturer may take the liberty to change the box design. However, the product will remain consistent in its top-of-the-line quality – unopened and straight from the manufacturer’s house.

Carlos Sainz: A Force to Reckon With

Protagonizing in this model is masterstroke driver, Carlos Sainz, who unfailingly captivated audiences with his prodigious skill and determination. In 2022, Sainz secured an impressive finish in the world drivers’ championship, an accomplishment well-etched into this model.

Sainz’s connection with the Ferrari team was celebrated and continues to be remembered for the camaraderie, skill, and sheer determination on the racetrack, multiplying the fervor of F1 fans across the globe.

The Ferrari Team: A Legacy of Excellence

The 1/43 scale isn’t just about Sainz – it’s equally about the legacy of the Ferrari team. Ferrari concluded the year with a powerful presence in the constructor’s championship, underscoring their reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

The Ferrari team’s success has been encapsulated in this die-cast model, symbolizing the vigor and dedication of the whole team. Every member’s hard work and cohesive spirit brings each race to life.

The 2022 F1 World Championship: A Year to Remember

The 2022 season was one for the books, etching itself deep in the heart of F1 history. Filled with adrenaline-pumping moments, the championship was an exhibition of top-tier skills, calculated risks, and breaking barriers.

The Ferrari team, with Carlos Sainz at the wheel during this significant year, emerged with a strong finish. This die-cast model is a perfect way to revisit and celebrate these unforgettable moments.

Moreover, the significance of the year extends beyond the racetrack, witnessing an extraordinary display of sportsmanship and spirit. The Ferrari F1 Model encapsulates all of these spectacular moments in a detailed and compelling way.

A Noteworthy Addition to Your Collection

Not just another die-cast model, the Ferrari F1 Model offers a beautiful rendition of the iconic race car, complete even without a pit board or display case. Pride yourself in owning an item that mirrors the precision, artistry, and history of Formula One.

In conclusion, the Ferrari F1 Model makes for a memorable gift or a worthy addition to your collection. Don’t wait, seize this opportunity. Get closer to the heart of Formula One racing and live the Ferrari team’s success in 2022 -own this spectacular die-cast model today!

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Carlos Sainz








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